Производител: BOYU
Код на продукта: FP-28E
Наличност: В наличност

Submersible filter FP-28E

VOLT:  AC230/115V
FREQ:  50/60Hz
POWER: 11.5W
HMAX:  1.0m
QMAX:  950L/h
SIZE:  302x69x166mm

1.Driven by the permanent-magnet in-phase motor, this pump is high-efficiency, energy-saving and durable.
2. Made of stainless steel, the shaft of the pump can endures abrasion and corrupt, and can be used in freshwater and seawater.
3. The motor is sealed in the body shell with resin. with excellent water-proof performance and high isolation intensity, it is safe and reliable.
4. Multi-functional design, various purposes in a machine----- pumping, fountain and filter 3 in 1.

5. With beautiful appearance, the fitting fountain is convenient to assemble and suitable for pumps of any sizes.

Applicable scope:
Suitable for water-pumping, water-circulation, water crude-filter of various aquariums and seafood pools,and various water-pressure equipments such as fountains, waterfall, stream, indoor & outdoor water-column lamps.